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Make music appreciation part of your little one's morning. Our morning mix tape will include some stretching and movement to get your little rocker connecting to rhythm and melody. We will sing along to some classic rock and pop tunes and even some fun original tunes for your little ones to learn. This class is 45 minutes and is $20

($15 for additional siblings)

Start your toddlers day with an old school, mix tape, listening party. Some basic yoga and movement will evolve into a fun dance party. Once the guitar and keyboard come out, the sing-a-long begins! Think more Blondie and Bowie and less Baby Beluga. If you're dropping off (class is walking distance from great coffee shops) your toddler must be potty trained. Otherwise, you're welcome to hang out and jam along with us! Class is 45 minutes and $20 ($15 for siblings)



       newborn - 2yrs


Tots of Rock

             3yrs - 5yrs

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